Symphony Orchestra


A special event are the symphony concerts of the Cologne New Philharmonic. Every orchestra's musician looks forward to it every year. It's a music festival for all members of this big community.
Due to the high level of each individual musician of this Orchestra and a sophisticated and at the same time audience-friendly program selection, the symphonic concerts soon gained great recognition not only in Cologne, but also throughout Germany and beyond.

Every year, a new theme is set for the concert program. The themes or titles for the programs are always very poetic and tempting. "Lights of the North", „The Golden Roofs of Prague", "ESPAÑA!" and "Music at the Court of the Czar" are the most successful programs of recent years.

Something very special are the soloists. Most of the members of the orchestra are prize winners of renowned international competitions, whose success is supported and rewarded by solo performances with the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra.

JPK Philharmonie 22-2-2018.CAH